The seabed of El Hierro forms a unique environment, due to its oceanographic characteristics and biodiversity. The underwater landscape was formed by the volcanic activity more than 1 million years ago. The island of El Hierro has a scarce continental platform, which results in a rapid descent from the coastline to depths of up to 3,000 meters. This generates very heterogeneous habitats, thanks to which there is a great diversity of fauna. Very close to the coast it reaches a depth of 200 meters, so it is easy for oceanic species such as cetaceans, turtles and impressive sunfish to approach. The ocean floor is covered with rock formations such as pinnacles, great walls and precipices, caves and fascinating canyons…..An extraordinary underwater landscape!

The clarity of the water allows the existence of vegetated bottoms up to 70 meters and volcanic cliffs that plunge into the sea abyss. The dense vegetation on the rocks, predominantly calcareous and brown algae, supports a diverse variety of life. Hidden in the many crevices, you will find lobsters, shrimps, moray eels, black coral, feather coral, anemones and sponges.

In addition, fishing is carried out completely by hand, thus respecting the marine ecosystem and conserving the natural wealth of the island. La Reserva Marina – Mar de Las Calmas se creó a petición del sector pesquero y se declaró en el 1996.

Diving in these crystal clear waters you will find Parrotfish, Trumpetfish, Triggerfish, Groupers, Filefish, Rays, Butterfly Rays, Garden Eels and Angelsharks in certain periods of the year.

With luck and several dives, we can occasionally find pelagic visitors which include: sand tiger sharks, devil rays, hammerhead sharks, turtles, dolphins and some shy whale like beaked whales.

Generally we organize two daily dives in the morning. All dives are guided by highly experienced multilingual instructors. Water temperature is usually between 17o-24o, depending on the time of the year, so that 5/7mm wetsuits are used.

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Diving requirements:

– Dive license

Medical questionnaire

– Dive insurance (we can arrange it for you)


For groups of 8 persons or more contact us.

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El Hierro - DIVE SITES

Why diving in El Hierro is considered the best in the Canary Islands? With limited commercial activity or passage of large ships, there is little to disturb our large pelagic visitors, combined with more than 20 incredible dive sites, all within reach of our dive center in La Restinga. From the world famous volcano and pinnacle “El Bajon” to “El Desierto”, where the garden eels will surprise you with their dance.

Our 7.5m Bombard Explorer RIB can reach all reserve sites in less than 15 minutes. All sites within the Marine Reserve have permanent buoys. They are restricted to no more than 10 divers plus guides at any given time, which prevents overcrowding of divers underwater at the same time.

Click on the diving site map image to check our diving site locations.

Not just diving


We can also help you to organize other aspects of your trip to El Hierro.

Call or send us an email with your questions or requests and we will be happy to help you with accommodation, car rental or anything else you may need.

In La Restinga there is only one hotel, so accommodation is in fully equipped apartments. If you want we can guide you to what best suits your needs and make your reservation.

It should be noted that no apartment is more than 200 meters from the sea. However, for this very reason, it can be very difficult to find accommodation during high season and public holidays, so we recommend that you book your apartment in advance.

There is a rental company with a variety of cars at very attractive prices. Prices vary according to season, car size and number of days.

Rental cars can be picked up and delivered at the airport or at the port of La Estaca for those who come by ferry.

We can request a quote without commitment, please share your requirements with us and we will co-ordinate with the rental company on your behalf.

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